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2022 Canada Sevens Rugby gold medal design has been released

The Canada Sevens tournament has hired artist Lance Cardinal to create the medal for the up coming games this September. The Indigenous artist will design the gold medals that will be awarded at the World Rugby’s Canada Sevens Series championship.

“This is absolutely one of the best honours I’ve ever had in my life,” Cardinal told CTV News Edmonton.

He said in the interview that Rugby Canada was looking for a design that would represent the First Nations People.

“Wow,” Cardinal said as he begins to remember thinking. “What a great opportunity.”

The “Honouring Feathers” design features two feathers with a ribbon.

“I really wanted to choose the eagle feather because for our people, the eagle feather is something that’s given at a very high level of honour. We give eagle feathers to people to recognize them for something they’re done in their life. For a moment in their life that’s important, like a graduation, or even like a coming-of-age ceremony,” Cardinal explained.

“It was really the same process to design this medal that I always do. I think about what the message is, what are we trying to say with the piece, and like I said before, it’s all about honouring people: honouring the people of Treaty 6 territory as well as honouring the competitors in the rugby championship.”

“I’m not even a rugby fan to be honest. I don’t know much about the sport,” he admitted. “But I always look at my work as an opportunity to share the culture more, to bring who we are as Indigenous people into different kinds of spaces.”

“They’re coming from all over the world… I really wanted to make sure they saw who we are, that we are an honourable people. That we approach people with love and open arms.” Fiji Rugby Union is waiting for World Rugby to confirm Fiji’s participation in the coming Canada and Singapore sevens tournaments.

The Canada leg from September 18-19 and Edmonton a week later restart the annual series which was cancelled in 2019 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada Sevens is set to kick off on September 25.

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